Hello from Two Sisters Play Cafe

The Partners
The Partners
(L to R)   Kathy Tippets,- COO, Anne Nottingham – CEO, Jon Stoll – CFO
A Brief History of Two Sisters Playcafe LLC
by Jon Stoll
A couple of white collar women were thinking there must be more to our working lives than sitting in front of a computer screen day after day. What if we opened our own little café, with a focus on family fun…
A supportive husband and brother-in-law convinces himself that 8901 Stanley Pl. in Milwaukie could work as a play café location, with the intent to have the Play Café on the maple covered hillside. Working with the City and County staff, they determine Stanley Pl. in Milwaukie, zoned as manufacturing is not a suitable site…
Looking around, we find an arguably controversial location, given the proximity to a “pot shop” but with an affordable lease and great visibility. They naively believe that they could come up with their own plans, and then ran into major plumbing problems…
We finally secure an architect and contractor and the financial scope of the project mushrooms…
So, here we are – 12+ months of lease payments later – and we are finally closing in on the Dream of our own play café! The long gestation period is almost over…
                       ***** Stay Tuned - Opening in September! ****




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