Café Progress!

As you can see from the photos below, we have come a long way with more to go…

The next few weeks we will be finishing the kitchen area getting ready for the final inspection needed from The County…

Tables and chairs will be arriving this week. Painting should be finished soon. Setting up the playroom with the play structure, books and craft area. Practicing making the perfect espresso drink and food…

Thank you for your patience in the delay in our opening on Two Sisters Play Café. We are excited to meet you all!!

Kathy, Anne & Jon

b4 outside 2

before – outside south side


after – outside south side

b4 outside 1

before – outside East side


After – outside East side

before dining room

before – dining room


After- dining room

before kitchen-espresso area

before – kitchen


After – kitchen

before playroom 4

before – play room

after playroom1

after – playroom

coffee sign

new coffee sign 

espresso machine

new espresso machine


Anne building lockers


Jon painting trim


Flo our Mascot came by to show off her new magnetic signs


Kathy receiving our first delivery – only cleaning supplies – but that is good!!

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