Hello and welcome to Two Sisters Play Cafe LLC.

Anne & I (Kathy) are sisters who grew up with nine siblings just outside of Medford, Oregon. As you can imagine, with nine siblings and parents who both worked, we were kept very busy helping keep the house running, dinners cooked while caring for our siblings.

We both moved from Medford to the Portland area in the late 70’s, early 80’s where we raised our children. Anne has one boy and Kathy has two boys. We were kept very busy during that time with our kids at school or sporting events. During that time, we worked as CNA’s and then went to business school to learn a trade. Anne went on to obtain her BA and worked as a Consultant and Kathy worked Accounting/HR before moving into Catering.

Anne is allergic to Gluten and in those earlier years, gluten free food tasted horrible. Anne and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen trying to make normal recipes taste good with gluten free substitutes. We would dream (out loud) that we should open a cafe that represents gluten free food.

Later in life when we were getting closer to retirement, we both knew that we would like to do something else. At a family dinner Anne’s daughter-in-law mentioned that maybe we should open a play cafe as there was a need for more indoor play areas. We spent a year checking out other play areas in the area and noticed that only snack food was available at these places. That’s when we started developing our plan to open an indoor play area that serves full breakfast and lunch offerings.

And today we have Two Sisters Play Cafe!!